Travel & Lifestyle Muskoka

Brand Brief:

The Muskokan has reimagined the traditional listings site.

A new way to discover experienced vendors in Muskoka by offering a search tool that is much more than a simple online business card or basic digital yellow pages.

Our aim is to open up Muskoka to the world by providing a solution that works not only for businesses who are native to the area, but also allows others who have had the pleasure of working there to showcase their work. We want to inspire people to travel to Muskoka, celebrate life, and connect with vendors and venues that can help them to create truly special moments in one of the most beautiful locations in Canada.

“We have a vision for how we want the world to see Muskoka, Canada online. As a team we have worked together to create a unique web experience for readers to learn about Muskoka through the use of image collections, free listings, interactive maps, and custom curated content.  The Muskokan aims to be the go to website for all things Muskoka.”

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