upcycle & repurpose

Media & content development for the entrepreneur, personal brand and creative.

I’m Erika Hanchar-Walker, Media Consultant, Photographer & Copywriter.

Developing a vision for your marketing materials and online content.

My goal is to learn about your business, hear your story and see where you want to go with your business or project. I personally review your past media, copy, websites, email marketing, online ads, blogs/articles, and social media to audit what worked, what didn’t work and see if we can repurpose, and upcycle your past media and content to give you a fresh look, and message.

How I can support your next project

your message

Let’s create a brand message that speaks to who you are and your clients.

your brand

Building consistency in every area of your business is my speciality. I am here to fill in the gaps and help your business make stronger marketing connections.

your content

Let’s find ways to reuse and repurpose as much of your past content as we can, and create content when it’s needed the most.

your clients

Let’s get to know them better and re-engage with them in as many ways as possible through your copy, your media and your marketing.