Erika Hanchar-Walker

Owner / Media Consultant / Email Marketer

She lives in Deerfield Beach, Florida.

She has been a photographer for nearly 20 years, a media consultant for 10 years and a copywriter for 7 years.

She has worked in film and television, corporate Canada (Election Canada and Ontario offices), and owned a few successful businesses and a few startups along the way.

She speaks 2 languages, understands and reads 3. She writes books in her spare time and is a member of Women in Film & Television Florida, Film Florida, and Creative Mornings International.

She is obsessed with ww2 history, cinema lighting, classic literature and business.

“Every project is strategically planned, and developed to ensure our deadlines are met and our customers are happy.”


Colin Thompson

Technician / Web + Email Developer

He lives in Barrie, Ontario, Canada.

He’s been a web developer for 15 years. He’s a college graduate in graphic and web design. He recently completed a massive website project for the National Pancreas Foundation of America and Canadian Mental Health Services.

He doesn’t attend business meetings because he has to save all his energy for concerts. He attends over 25 a year.

*Additional team members include: photographer, videographer, copywriter, social media ads management, website management available upon request and per projects.